Class Rooms, Tutorial Rooms


Our campus ensures a uniform and balanced distribution of space and resources to all categories and also to provide and maintain the necessary amenities to staff and students. Planning and designing of classrooms, faculty rooms, laboratories, etc; complying with the standards stipulated by AICTE. Total land area is 10 acres and built up area is 14319 sq.m. The infrastructure required for each department is designed and placed in close proximity to ensure efficient teaching-learning process.

Classrooms are spacious, well- ventilated with natural light and adequate electrical facilities. Well designed furniture, teaching aids like LCD, etc. are used in the teaching-learning process.

The classrooms -Tutorial room specifications are as follows:-

Class Room-Tutorial Room Actual Room Area No x Size
UG 1892 21 x 66 + 12 x 33
PG 234 4 x 33
MCA 172 2 x 66 + 1 x 33
Seminar Hall(UG & PG ) 766 5 x 132
Seminar Hall(MCA ) 132 1 x 132
Class Room
E-Learning Lab