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Academic Advisory Board

Shri J. R. Sapat, Chairman, M/s. R. H. Sapat Foundation, Mumbai as “A well-known Industrial House with 100 Years standing”.

He is our Patron Donor. As a Distinguished Past Student of the Society’s H.P.T. College, he has kindly accepted the Chairmanship of the Advisory Board of this College of Engineering.

Members of the Advisory Board

  • Dr. Arun Nigavekar – Former Chairman, UGC & Former Vice Chancellor, University of Pune.
  • Dr. Shankarrao Govarikar – Director, Tolani Maritime Institute, Induri, Pune.
  • Prof. N. V. Ratnalikar – President, Engineering Education Foundation, Pune.
  • Dr. G. T. Panse – International Scientist & Former Deputy Director, NCL, Pune.
  • Dr. S. P. Kallurkar – Principal, Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Engg., Karve Nagar, Pune.