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Student Grievances Cell

The Member of the student grievances and regressal committee are as follows:-

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation Department
1 Dr.Kulkarni P.C. Chairman Principal
2 Prof. Deshpande P.M. Vice-Chairman Vice-Principal
3 Prof. R.D.Jogi Member Engineering Science
4 Prof. J. M. Sonawane Member Engineering Science
5 Prof. Kale S.M. Member Civil Engineering
6 Prof. Masne N.S. Member Civil Engineering
7 Prof. Vaidya A.S. Member Computer Engineering
8 Prof. Deshpande D.M. Member Computer Engineering
9 Prof. Deshpande S.P Member Mechanical  Engineering
10 Prof. Tarle R.A. Member Mechanical  Engineering
11 Prof. Deshmukh P.N. Member MCA
12 Prof. Kolpe S.B. Member MCA
13 Prof. Deshpande M.P. Member Electrical Engineering
14 Prof. Chakor S.V. Member Electrical Engineering
15 Prof. Awasthi Komal Member Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering
16 Prof. Lokhande  P.D. Member Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering