Steering Committee


Sr. No   Name of Faculty Member Designation Designation for Steering Committee
1. Dr. P. C. Kulkarni Principal Chairman
2. Prof. P. M. Deshpande Vice Principal and Management Representative Member
3. Dr. D. V. Patil Professor and Head Computer Engineering Coordinator
4. Prof. M.M. Thombre Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Co-coordinator
5. Dr. G. M. Dhole Professor Electrical Engineering Member
6. Prof. Y. R. Bhavsar Assistant Professor, Engineering Sciences Member
7. Dr. N. D. Chaudhari Professor and Head Civil Engineering Member
8. Dr. S. P. Agnihotri Associate Professor and Head E&TC Engineering Member
9. Prof. M. K. Chaudhari Assistant Professor, and Head Electrical Engineering Member
10. Prof. Mrs. P. A. Chaudhari Assistant  Professor & Head MCA Engg. Member
11. Prof. N. V. Alone Assistant Professor, and Head MCA Engineering Member
12 Prof. D. M. Sonje Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Member
13. Mr. Tushar Shewale Librarian Member
14. Mr. Pathak R.M. Sr. Accountant Member