Bridge Course

Bridge Course 2019-20

Before you get into an Engineering culture, refresh the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) and Develop Logical Reasoning in an Applied way; essential to begin and excel in an engineering discipline.
We propose a Bridge Course of 15 days for you and all aspiring engineering candidates.


  • To know the basics of PCM and relate it to the requirement of engineering
  • To develop logical reasoning towards the problems of science and engineering
  • To gain confidence and develop holistic personality of learning

Course Duration: 15 to 30, July 2019

100 % Attendance will be Rewarded!

Admission Registration: On or before 15, July 2019 during 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Activities in Bridge Course

Activity 1: SWOT Analysis

Activity 2: Keep an eye

Activity 3: Talking Tom

Activity 4: Team act play

Activity 5: AdMad

Activity 6: Scavenger Hunt

Activity 7: Human Knot & Paper Tower