Existing students 2020-21

Admission for the Existing Students AY 2020-2021

The admission for the existing students in ONLINE MODE will be commencing soon on the following link.

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Online Admission Process Manual for the Existing Students 2020-21

Important: As per the Government norms, no student/parent will visit the college physically. For any queries, contact the HoD of their respective branch.

  1. Dr N. D. Chaudhary, Head, Department of Civil Engineering – 9881097630
  2. Dr D. V. Patil, Head, Department of Computer Engineering –  9970510532
  3. Prof. M. K. Chaudhari, Head, Department of Electrical Engineering –  9860589254
  4. Dr S. P. Agnihotri, Head, Department of E & TC Engineering –  9890237764
  5. Dr P. B. Nehe, Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering – 9371667753
  6. Prof. (Mrs) P. A. Chaudhari, Head, Department of MCA (Faculty of Engineering) – 9822926437

The existing students should provide the following information (soft copy) to complete the admission form:

Personal Information

  1. Aadhar Card No
  2. Permanent Address
  3. Parent Mobile No
  4. Student Mail Id
  5. Student Mobile No

Previous Year College Details

  1. Year
  2. Admission Academic Year
  3. Fee Paid Amount
  4. Fee Paid Date
  5. Fee Paid Receipts Number
  6. Fee Paid Receipt Copy(.png or .jpg)

All Year Scholarship/Freeship/EBC Details

  1. Admission Academic Year
  2. Year
  3. Type

Previous Exam Details

  1. Name of Year
  2. Branch
  3. Name of Exam
  4. Seat Number
  5. Pattern
  6. Total Credits Earned /Grand Total

Mandatory Uploads

  1. Passport Size Photo (.png or .jpg)
  2. I-Card (.png or .jpg)(latest Icard)