GES’s R.H. SAPAT College of Engineering, Management Studies and Research, Nashik received first prize at NASHIK INNOVATION FEST-2018

A NASHIK INNOVATION FEST-2018  was organised by SAKAL UDAY BHAVISHPATRACHA at NDMVP College of Engineering on 15th Mar and 16th Mar 2018.

The exhibition was organized as part of a science exhibition.There was total 300 projects. A total of 1500 students from Standard VIII to XI and Diploma and also Engineering students displayed innovative talents.

With the key objective of bringing out the hidden talents of students and with a focus on creating more awareness of science, technology and engineering, the exhibition was organized.

Students displayed various models, some of which were working models: lava erupting from a volcano, batteries lighting up bulbs attached to a board, cycle riding using solar panels, collection of garbage from rivers, Base isolation technique, etc.

The project “Object detection and identification using Machine Learning ” present a method for real time object detection and tracking system by using this method, one can easily detect and track any object which may be a ball, human or even an enemy aircraft’s missiles. This system can be used in many security applications. Improve Security cameras by adding new features to existing surveillance system, it can remotely monitor and take prevention action before the crime take place. It also easily monitor public places and help to detect crime. It was highly appreciated by the judges received the first prize.

This Project was mentored by Prof S. V. Ghorpade and Prof G. K. Bhamare . They got the valuable support by  Project Director Prof. P. M. Deshpande, Principal Dr. P. C. Patil and HOD Dr D. V. Patil .

 This Project team consist of Following Members :-

Project guide : Prof. Gayatri Dhamne

Members : 1) Ankitkumar Singh

                   2) Charushila Ahire

                   3) Madhushri Kale

                  4) Ankita Lahoti

                  5) Priyanka Deshmukh

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is arranging a two Days National Level Seminar on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Opportunities and Challenges

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is arranging a two Days National Level Seminar on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Opportunities and Challenges

Please find the Details Below:-

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Opportunities and Challenges

On the spot registration is also available


“Quick Heal Training Program at R. H. Sapat College Of Engineering, Management Studies And Research,Nashik

“Quickheal Fundation’s” (NGO) of a well known software antivirus company of Pune “Quickheal” conducted a Cyber Security training program at Gokhale education society’s R. H. Sapat COE MSR,Nashik successfully on  19th July 2017.

Training and Placement officer Prof. D. M. Deshpande  of Gokhale Education Society R. H. Sapat College of Engineering gave information about inauguration of “Cyber Security Cell” in G.E.S.R.H.S. college of engineering.

Selective 25 students of computer branch got training in this program. This training was given by Quickheal, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility department Mrs. Sugandha Dani.  100 students from various colleges has participated in this program and they are going to continue this activity further in the same way.

Regarding cyber security cell formation
Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.
  • Quick Heal Foundation(NGO) has trained 20-25 students on earn and learn basis. These students will have to visit various schools and colleges for awareness of cyber security which will consist of conduction of presentations and giving them information about how to be digitally safe.
  • The purpose of this activity consists of social cause in under mentioned avenues:
    • Cyber education for various schools and Jr. Colleges
    • Tribal welfare
    • Establishing Cyber awareness Literacy Cell
          Prof. P. M. Deshpande (Project Director) sir and Prof. S. M. Gosavi (Director) sir inspired students to run this program successfully.  Students also got valuable guidance of Principal Dr. P. C. Kulkarni and Computer Department HOD Dr. D. V. Patil sir.  Prof. Rashmi Birari worked as  coordinator for this activity.


GES’s R.H. SAPAT College of Engineering, Management Studies and Research, Nashik received Institutional Membership at National Cyber Safety and Security Standards

National Cyber Safety and Security Standards have been started with a great vision to safeguard the nation from the current threats in the cyber space. The multi-dimensional structure of technology in the cyber space poses a great challenge in handling the complex problems in the cyber domain. Our nation is facing huge threats from various countries in cyber attacks and information thefts. National Cyber Safety has taken a visionary initiative to curb and enervate the notoriously spreading cyber threats from various directions and dimensions.

Today Cyber Security is a daunting National Security Problem, and NCSSS is applying decades of expertise to the task. As the most networked nation on earth, the India is extremely vulnerable. To keep systems safe and foil attacks, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards develops protective technologies, conduct threat assessments, and analyze Government, Military, and Civilian computer networks.

The benefits of NCSSS membership are :-

  • Opportunity to network with Cyber Security Experts/Professionals/Governments/Public & Private Sector’s Security Professionals in the events/summits/conferences organized by NCSSS
  • Exclusive Concession for Institutional Members in the Conferences/Programs/Events organized by NCSSS
  • Technical Papers/Articles can be published in the NCSSS books/NCDRC e-Magazines.
  • 30% concession for Members to purchase NCSSS Books.
  • Representative of Membership Institution can be a Member in the NCSSS Council

College look forward the maximum utilization of the NCSSS membership for staff and  students .

“G.E.S’s R.H. Sapat College of engineering, Nashik Won First Prize in Smart India Hackathon 2017”

The final year Students of Computer Engineering from Gokhale Education Society’s R. H. Sapat College of Engineering, Management studies and Research has won first prize of worth Rs. 1 Lac in the grand finale in ‘Smart India Hackathon 2017’ organized by AICTE in association with MHRD, New Delhi which was concluded at BVB college KLE university Hubbli, Karnataka on 2nd April 2017.

The hackathon focused on the problems of social importance identified by 29 ministries and departments of the government. They identified 598 problems, which were responded by 7,531 teams consisting of approximately 42,000 students. 1,266 teams of 10,000 participants were shortlisted for the finale. The code development runs for stretch 36 hours from 1st April 8 a.m. to 2nd April 8.00 p.m.

The team  consisting of  Prabhanjan V. Padhey (Team Leader), Kaustubh A. Joshi, Geetanjali B. Deore, Ankita D. Aher, Yogita H. Kasar, Shubham B. Bhokare with two mentors Prof. Swapnil V. Ghorpade, and Prof. Gaurav K. Bhamare. The team has got valuable guidance by Prof. N.V. Alone as SPOC and Prof. Gayatri  A. Dhamne as Coordinator.  The team worked on Problem statement ” Geographical location and identification of medicinal plants “given under the Ministry of Department of Ayush.

Our Management Prof. P.M. Deshpande , Project Director and Mr. Shailesh  Gosavi, Executive Director remains always the source of inspiration for the whole team.  Principal Dr. P.C Kulkarni and Head of the Department Dr. D. V. Patil gave their immense support for this event.


!!!! Heartiest Congratulations to  Team Init_6!!!!

Computer department final year student qualified for ‘Smart India Hackathon 2017’

Gokhale Edjuation Sociaty’s R. H. Sapat College of engineering , Research and Management studies Computer Department’s final year student; team ‘Init_6′ has been qualified for the grand finale of ‘Smart India Hackathon 2017’ organized by AICTE in association with MHRD, New Delhi.

The Team Members are:-

  1. Prabhanjan V. Padhye (Team Leader).
  2. Deore Geetanjali B.
  3. Aher Ankita D.
  4. Kasar Yogita H.
  5. Joshi Kaustubh A.
  6. Bhokare Shubham B.

This team is guided by Mr. N. V. Alone, Mrs. G. A. Dhamne, Mr. S. V. Ghorpade and Mr. G.K. Bhamare.

!!!! ALL THE BEST TO Team Init_6!!!!