I-RISE 2020: Intercollegiate Project Competition on 18th Feb 2020



Proposed by – Prof. P.M. Deshpande, Director (P)

ConceptAn undergraduate level project competition/exhibition (I-RISE) to be conducted in the month of February every year. The notion is to encourage & involve students into interdisciplinary approach to identify and solve live problems that concern the industry, to develop team work culture, to enhance practical skills of students and to integrate, interface multi-faculty approach in finding industry relevant solutions.


  • To arrange a PROJECT COMPETITION cum EXHIBITION to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to solve real world problems of society and industry
  • To promote interaction with academicians & industry experts


  • To provide technical platform for undergraduate students
  • To promote creativity & sharing of innovative ideas
  • To motivate  students for learning new technologies
  • To be able to apply the technical knowledge to solve real world problems that are useful for the society
  • To improve presentation and soft skills
  • To design efficient systems that can provide solution to engineering problems

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