GES’s R.H. SAPAT College of Engineering, Management Studies and Research, Nashik received Viewer’s Choice Award at NES INNOVATION Awards-2018,Pune

A NES INNOVATION Awards-2018 was organised by Global Talent Track at Pune on 29 March 2018. The process started with the selection of project. The Project with problem statements with solutions need to be submitted. There were 600 engineering students among among country. Out of 600 students 50 groups were chosen for the next round. With the key objective of bringing out the hidden talents of students and with a focus on creating more awareness of science, technology and engineering, the exhibition was organised.

Results of first round was declared on 18 Jan 2018. In first selection process they divided the groups in four batches. Then a workshop was organized on 24 Jan for selected groups. In session 1, they taught defining the problem statement and solution development. In second session, taught about essential ingredients in business plan. In session three, there was Q & A session. For the 3rd round Team submitted business plan and video of our working model. On the basis of video our project was selected for award. Students displayed various models, some of which were working models. Some students got offer for their project also, to encourage their confidence.

The winner team submitted project name is “Rahat  – A  Safety App“. The idea behind this app was about automatically activating the app based upon user’s heartbeats, and also by tapping the phone when the person is in danger .It was highly appreciated by the judges and viewers and received the Viewer’s Choice Award.

The Project details are as follows:-

Project guide : Prof. Gayatri Dhamne

Members :

  1. Vishakha Ramdas Gulve.
  2. Priyanka Kiran Pawar.
  3. Priyanka Rajendra Tare.

The team received a valuable support from Prof G. A. Dhamne and Prof Dhanraj Deshpande .

The team received a valuable guidance and support from Project Director P. M. Deshpande, Principal Dr. P. C. Patil and HOD Dr D. V. Patil.