GES’s R.H. SAPAT College of Engineering, Management Studies and Research, Nashik received first prize at NASHIK INNOVATION FEST-2018

A NASHIK INNOVATION FEST-2018  was organised by SAKAL UDAY BHAVISHPATRACHA at NDMVP College of Engineering on 15th Mar and 16th Mar 2018.

The exhibition was organized as part of a science exhibition.There was total 300 projects. A total of 1500 students from Standard VIII to XI and Diploma and also Engineering students displayed innovative talents.

With the key objective of bringing out the hidden talents of students and with a focus on creating more awareness of science, technology and engineering, the exhibition was organized.

Students displayed various models, some of which were working models: lava erupting from a volcano, batteries lighting up bulbs attached to a board, cycle riding using solar panels, collection of garbage from rivers, Base isolation technique, etc.

The project “Object detection and identification using Machine Learning ” present a method for real time object detection and tracking system by using this method, one can easily detect and track any object which may be a ball, human or even an enemy aircraft’s missiles. This system can be used in many security applications. Improve Security cameras by adding new features to existing surveillance system, it can remotely monitor and take prevention action before the crime take place. It also easily monitor public places and help to detect crime. It was highly appreciated by the judges received the first prize.

This Project was mentored by Prof S. V. Ghorpade and Prof G. K. Bhamare . They got the valuable support by  Project Director Prof. P. M. Deshpande, Principal Dr. P. C. Patil and HOD Dr D. V. Patil .

 This Project team consist of Following Members :-

Project guide : Prof. Gayatri Dhamne

Members : 1) Ankitkumar Singh

                   2) Charushila Ahire

                   3) Madhushri Kale

                  4) Ankita Lahoti

                  5) Priyanka Deshmukh